How to Get to the KCCK Studios

Find KCCK on Google Maps.

From Cedar Rapids

  • Take I-380 south, all the way through Cedar Rapids.
  • On the south edge of town, you'll see an exit marked Highway 30.
  • Take that exit and get in the eastbound (left) lane.
  • Stay to the right and exit as the highway Ys off. You'll see a stoplight and a Casey's convenience store ahead of you.
  • At the stoplight, turn right onto Kirkwood Blvd.
  • At the third stoplight, turn left. This is the main campus entrance.
  • A roundabout has been installed on the campus entrance road. Yield to drivers in the roundabout. Once you enter, stay in your lane; do not change lanes. Do not stop in the roundabout.
  • As you come on campus, you'll see a large building to your right with a blue "K" on the front. That's Linn Hall.

From Iowa City

  • Take I-380 north, get off at the Eastern Iowa Airport/Ely Exit.
  • Turn right onto Wright Brothers Blvd., then at the four-way stop go left onto Kirkwood Blvd
  • Go over the hill to the stoplight at the main campus entrance
  • Turn right
  • As you come on campus, you'll see a large building to your right with a blue "K" on the front. That's Linn Hall.

Please note we're back in our original space, now re-numbered as 2180 Linn Hall. However, due to the continuing construction, we suggest you park in the east Linn Hall lot.

General Parking:

  • Enter the roundabout. Take the first right.
  • Turn Left at the stop sign.
  • You may park anywhere in the parking lot near the three flags.
  • Enter Linn Hall through the main entrance.
  • Turn left once you enter. The main stairs are still closed for construction, so you'll go down the hall and take the stairs by the rest rooms and drinking fountain.
  • Room 2180 is the first right.

Short Term and Handicapped Parking:

  • Once on campus, go through the roundabout. Stay on the access road until it curves. The baseball field will be to your left.
  • Turn right on the driveway that runs in between the buildings. There is handicapped parking and some short term parking that is generally available later in the day.
  • Linn Hall is the building on the right. Stairs are to your left a little ways down the hall when you enter, elevator is to your right.
  • Room 2180 is on the 2nd floor, a little ways from the stairs and elevator.