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Rod Pierson-Dennis Green All State Festival Presentation: Engaging Different Learning Styles in Jazz Education

As a non-commercial, educational broadcaster, our programs may be of value to you and your students, as you encourage them to increase their knowledge and expertise by listening to jazz.

Here are a few particular programs you might consider listening to yourself, and recommending to your students:

  • Jazz Corner of The World-Jazz impresario Craig Kessler explores a variety of classic jazz artists and labels. Special guests often include UI jazz faculty. Saturday 2-6pm, repeated Monday 7-11pm.
  • Jazz Masters-An hour of classic jazz presented daily, often focusing on This Day in Jazz History recordings and artist birthdays. Weekdays 12noon-1pm.
  • The Short List-Bob Naujoks, the dean of Iowa jazz radio personalities, spotlights well-known and not so well-known players. Weekdays 8:30am, Saturdays 7am.
  • Big Band Memories-Murray Kent & Cary J. Hahn explore vintage jazz and swing from the 1920s-1940s. Sundays 1-5pm.

But tune in anytime for real jazz, from classic tracks to the very latest in modern sounds.

More Ways You and Your Students Can Benefit From Jazz 88.3

Join the Iowa Jazz Revolution! KCCK may be located in Eastern Iowa, but Iowa's Jazz Station is available worldwide. Thousands of people all over the state and around the world have downloaded our app for their IOS or Android device.

Search "KCCK" in the App Store or App Market or visit our Listen Now page for the direct link. You can also listen on just about any other mobile device or computer. Visit the Listen Now page to view tips for your particular device or operating system.

Submit your Recordings! Every April during Jazz Appreciation Month, KCCK features recordings of high school and college ensembles. Plus, we recently debuted a second digital channel which features music by Iowans in a variety of genres. Student ensembles are welcome to submit recordings.

This new station, The Iowa Channel is webcast online at and also has an app in the iTunes App Store. Send your recordings to the address at the bottom of the page.

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