The Culture Crawl on KCCK

"The Culture Crawl" is a live interview show that runs Thursday and Friday mornings at 10:20am, and is open to non-profit organizations and artists to talk about upcoming shows and projects.

Hosted by Dennis Green, the show is an in-studio, 5-7 minute conversation about the participating organization in general, and upcoming events in particular. In general, only programmatic events can be promoted. FCC regulations prevent us from promoting most fund raising events.

You may bring more than one person to the interview, but things can get confusing for the listener with more than three guests, so please limit personnel to that number.

There is no firm limit to the number of times an organization can appear on the Culture Crawl, but we do ask organizations to be fair and allow us to feature as many organizations and people as possible. If you have 2 or more events occurring within a fairly short window of time, you are welcome to come on and promote both or all of them.

The Culture Crawl is generally open only to non-profit or educational institutions and to individual artists.

All interviews are done live and in-studio, usually not over the phone. The show is normally done live, but can also be taped in-studio prior to air time.

If you are doing the show live, plan to arrive at KCCK by 10:10 am on the day of your interview.

Contact Dennis Green or call 319.398.7120 to set up an interview time.

Directions to KCCK are at this link.

The Culture Crawl is also available to listen to online or to subscribe to as a podcast at this link.

The Culture Crawl on KCCK is supported by the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance.