Underwriting on KCCK: Quality by association

Perhaps more than any other medium, public radio is as much a public relations tool as it is an advertising vehicle. That's because public radio has the unique power to shape people's attitudes. Research reveals that the overwhelming majority of public radio listeners surveyed are favorably inclined toward the businesses and organizations they hear mentioned on the air.

You can take advantage of an excellent opportunity to put your organization's name and services under a favorable spotlight by underwriting on Jazz 88.3 KCCK.

Underwriting is the term applied to a business or corporate contribution that supports public radio programming. In exchange for this support, the underwriting business or organization receives on-air acknowledgements that identify and describe the contributing business.

Your underwriting message will not be broadcast in a cluttered commercial advertising arena. Rather, it will be direct, succinct and informational; free of superlatives and hyperbole. Read live on the air by KCCK's broadcast professionals, KCCK underwriting messages are clear and melodious, drawing the ear of our listeners, rather than crowded together in a noisy commerical cluster.

And more importantly, your announcement signals our affluent and influential audience about your organization's commitment to their preferred listening choice!

Many of our on-air programs can be underwritten. Look over the program schedule and contact , KCCK's General Manager, at 319-398-5421, for rates and availability.

Your underwriting message on KCCK will:

  • Develop awareness for your organization and product names.
  • Build goodwill and demonstrate good corporate citizenship.
  • Establish a favorable presence in the community.
  • Distinguish your enterprise from the competition.
  • Reach and influence the type of customer you want.

The Positive Impact of Underwriting on KCCK

  • KCCK listeners are active, informed citizens. They have a high regard for the companies that underwrite public radio.
  • 88 percent of listeners agree "My opinion of a company is more positive when I find out that it supports public radio."*

[* Source: Audience 98: Public Radio Recontact Survey of Arbitron Diary Keepers]

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